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Family as the Nucleus of Society


It is undeniable fact that Allah has honored man by making him. His vicegerent on earth and entrusting him with population of the earth. This aim cannot be attained except through reproduction in an organized wholesome manner,i.e. through the institution of marriage. Islam has given considerable importance to marriage as the basic step in forming the family which is the nucleus of the society. The family certainly,is the corner-stone in any society wheather primitive or advance in culture. It is regarded as the training ground for the individual to face the wider world and achieve the significant mission for which the he has been created,i.e. the serving of Allah and the fulfillment of His Will.

Islam recognizes the importance of the family as an institution which provides its members with a sense of belonging, interdependence and of being wanted. Through it,the individual satisfies his biological and psychological needs: namely food, clothing, shelter, protection and security. In other words, the family makes a fundemental contribution to society and therefore it is rightly regarded the corner stone of society.

Islam lays great stress on three major operative relationships within the family: the conjugal relationship between husband and wife, the parent-child relationship anf the siblings relationship, i.e. that existing between brothers or between that the success of the family in achiving its objective depends on the degree of harmony and coordination between these three relationships which can be seen as a complicated interrelated network.

Regarding the conjugal relationvwhich is based on the principal of sex equality and the the reality of sex difference,Islam denotes that the Couple, husband and wife should treat each other with mutual respect, love, concern and constant attention. This means that engagement in a job or an occupation or work should not lead to inattentiveness or indifference by one towards the other. In Islam, spouses are equally responsible for looking after their children and bringing them in a sound healthy way. They both have equally important role in the family. These roles, according to Islam, cannot be identical or the same but reciprocal and complementary. In fact, the husband and the wife in the Muslim family are given those duties which are best suited for his or her nature.

The wife-mother’s role which is bringing up the children and providing love, affection and warm gentle care for her family members, complements that of the husband who is breadwinner of the family and who provides protection from the external world. In Islam, husband-wife relationship is governed by mutual understanding and mutual consultation over important problems. The wife, in a Muslim family, should be a tremendous source of strength to the husband in facing the hardships of life. The husband, in turn, should always be the firm shield thet protects the wife from the hazards of life.

The parent-child relationship which is of a dynamic nature has been given,as well, great concern by Islam. It consist of complete filial dependence and fully intense emotional parental selfless cencern and protection. Islam comfirms that parent-Child interaction should be based on the general guidelines:that the older and the stronger should have mercy on the younger and the weaker, and the younger should respect and obey the older.

In Islam, the pattern of siblings relationship is one of equality,love and mutual regard and concern. This pattern also should allow some flexibility in order to meet the need of shitting situation with the growth in age and strength by the younger siblings and the decline of the older ones.

This flexible network of domestic relationship, according to Islam, ensures that a well structured harmonized family could function properly and efficiently in the Society. It could as well, withstand social changes easily and survive shift and upheavals.

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